Tanzania Endemic Bird Species

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tanzania endemic birds usambara eagle owl
Tanzania Endemic Bird Species


Endemic species  are species which are only found in one country. In this case these endemic Tanzania species can only be found on a Tanzanian safari.


Tanzanian Endemic Bird Species
Iringa akalat
Rubeho akalat
Usambara akalat
Uluguru bushshrike
Usambara eagle-owl
Uhehe fiscal
Montane tiny greenbul
Uluguru greenbul
Tanzanian red-billed hornbill
Beesley’s lark
Yellow-collared lovebird
Pemba scops owl
Rubeho forest partridge
Udzungwa forest partridge
Pemba green pigeon
Pemba White eye
Mbulu White eye
Kilimanjaro White eye
South Pare White eye
Kipengere seedeater
Grey-breasted spurfowl
Banded green sunbird
Loveridge’s sunbird
Moreau’s sunbird
Pemba sunbird
Rufous-winged sunbird
Usambara thrush
Rubeho warbler
Winifred’s warbler
Kilombero weaver
Kilombero Cisticola
White Tailed Cisticola
Rufous-tailed weaver
Usambara weaver
Ashy Starling
Rufous Tailed Weaver
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