The tropical destination of Tanzania offers year round sun and gleaming blue skies. The midday heat can soar especially in the dry and dusty plains of the Serengeti. The coast enjoys humid afternoons with a cooling breeze drifting in from the Indian Ocean.

The sky floods over to make way for the rainy season between November and May. The dramatic stormy skies are magnificent to witness and the torrential downpours can cause the riverbanks to swell and brings out an abundance of wildlife. Whilst some people don’t enjoy the rains this can be a wonderful opportunity to watch the elephants bathe in the waters. Downpours often come in short spurts and are interspersed with sunshine for hours or even days on end.

The Spice Island of Zanzibar enjoys moderate sunshine and heat all year round with temperatures climbing as high as 32 degrees and rarely dropping below 23 degrees.

Early mornings and evenings can become cool especially in the National Parks and mountainous areas. However the cool nights allow for sweet dreams and long comfortable sleeps in the heart of the wilderness.

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