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NORTHERN TANZANIA – When to go: The seasons and climate
There are broadly two seasons in the North of Tanzania. The dry season which runs from June to October and the green season November to May.

The dry season is excellent for game viewing as the grass is shorter and the animals tend to converge around the shrinking water reserves and into the areas where the grass is still green. The scenery has its own beauty in this harsh season but is obviously less lush than in the green season.

The green season is cooler during the day, the scenery is beautiful, the animals, well fed are at their most beautiful but more difficult to see as they are more spread out and can hide in the long grass. The bird life is particularly rich at this time of the year. In the early months of the year the animals give birth in the open plains of the Serengeti and in the Tarangire and watching wilderbeest and zebra take their first steps is amazing.

The short rains normally run from early November to early December and the long rains cover the two months of April and May. The rains in November are usually sporadic and quite pleasant and we have no hesitation to recommend safaris in this period but the long rains can set in for long periods at a time. That said usually it rarely rains for more than a couple of hours at a time, the weather is cool, the prices are cheap and even though some of the smaller tracks may be impassable you have the parks to yourself.

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