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On the Western slopes of Kilimanjaro beyond the farms so well described by William Boyd in his book “The ice cream war“ are the Maasai lands of Tanzania perfect for walking safari.

Under two hours from Arusha, near the Maasai villages, we can put up a private tented camp, which will allow you to both come into contact in a unique way with the Maasai population outside of the normal tourist routes and experience the beautiful scenery and rich wildlife of the area in total isolation. In our hillside tented camp on a clear star filled night overlooking hundreds of square miles of vegetation there is usually not one light to be seen.

Accompanied by your own armed ranger, you can get close on foot to wildlife, unlike in the park area where walking safari is not permitted. You move at your own speed and children find this experience very rewarding. The ranger is in permanent contact with your vehicle which can come to pick you up any time.

The minimum stay is two nights to allow you to relax and settle in.

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