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Cultural Tours In Tanzania

Tanzania’s people are as diverse as the country that they inhabit- 120 tribes exist with differing culture social organisation and language. 

Adopted in 1963 as the national language KiSwahili is now spoken by more than 98% of the population. The vast majority of Tanzanians live in rural areas and are subsistence farmers or livestock keepers.

About a dozen tribes form half of the country’s population and no one ethnic group is large enough to dominate this has resulted in a balance of power throughout the country; which has eliminated the ethnic conflict found elsewhere in Africa.

We are big fans of cultural tourism in Tanzania -by empowering local communities to showcase their tribe and culture allows toursits to have a more balanced glimpse of life in Tanzania. This type of tourism allows visitors to experience authentic, indigenous cultures by combining nature, scenery, folklore, rituals, art & crafts, ceremonies, dances and local hospitality of Tanzania to give a unique perspective into the daily lives of the local people, simultaneously allowing them to experience the wildlife safari in tanzania as well as learning about the people.


The Most Famous Tribes of Tanzania

 Hadzabe tribe

The Hadzabe tribe are located in the northern tanzania area beside lake Eyasi. These are related to the Bushmen of South Africa. The Datoga tribe is similar to Hadzabe as in they are also a nomadic tribe but while the former comprises of herdsmen, the latter primarily comprises of hunters and gatherers. The Datoga tribe is concentrated at the territorial borders with Masai land. There are a few hundred people that form the tribe which has neither agriculture nor livestock but is one of the simplest form of society based on hunting and gathering food.

This is one of the most exciting cultural tours in Tanzania as you leave camp early morning to go on a hunting trip with the tribe.

 Maasai tribe.

The Masai are one of the most interesting tribes of Tanzania and the most recognised in their red shuka. They live in the northern parts of the country and a substantial population lives in Kenya. The tribe is known for its warriors and nomadic herdsmen.

To the Maasai cattle are the most important giving wealth and prestige to their owners. You will often visit a Maasai tribe when on a cultural tour in the northern circuit. You will see them in the Ngorogoro conservation area and they are constantly on the move to find grass and water for their cattle.

Chagga tribe

The Chagga tribe of Tanzania are the third-largest group and live on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. Agriculture using water from the slopes of the mountain has made this tribe rich and they are noted for the enterprise and hard work

Hehe Tribe

The Hehe Tribe are a warlike people who spent much of the late 19th century fighting the German colonists and on one famous occasion defeating the invading German colonies. Today the tribe’s legacy carries on by supplying manpower to the national army.

Makonde tribe

This Tanzania tribe is internationally famous for their imaginative wood carvings. The tribe is isolated on the Makonde plateau in southern area .While Sukuma is the Tanzania’s largest ethnic group with more than 5.5 million people forming about 16% of the total population of the country, there are people from other non-African countries, primarily the Indian subcontinent and Arabian Peninsula. 


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